About Us

Beijing Automobile International Corporation (BAIC) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of BAIC International Development Co. Ltd, which was founded in 1958. The state owned company is the holding company for several brands including Beijing Automotive Works as well as an import and export corporation of the BAIC Group. Its focal business orientation is in international trade, both import and export with a strong focus on technology with a focus on sales of automobiles, mechanical and electrical products in the domestic market.

Relying on the BAIC Group, BAIC International Corporation has extensive experience spanning over fifty six years. Furthermore the corporation’s annual sale amount has grown to more than two hundred and sixty million dollars ($260 million). BAIC’s products have an international footprint with exports to more than twenty countries or regions throughout Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Africa, Middle-east, South-east Asia, just to mention a few.

BAIC’s export product orientation include light-duty vehicle, mining vehicle, radiator, oil cooler, condenser, fuel pump, starter, alternator, brake pump, brake system accessories, leaf spring, both automobile and petrol machine spare parts, etc. Furthermore, machining spare parts for the casting, automobile servicing facility and various products from other companies are also offered ranging from fire hydrant to tow truck spare parts, train brake spare parts and all kinds of pipes. BAIC also imports batches of automobile spare parts, motor cars, instruments and other commodities for domestic automobile companies.

BAIC has responded to changing market and enterprise demand through offering enterprises at home and abroad with extensive services, by developing the domestic market for foreign enterprises. In addition, BAIC has engineered joint products needed in the overseas market and offers a good aftermarket service. Lastly, BAIC has managed to secure exchange receipt service through offering expert services, careful and serious agent services for domestic enterprises.